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New Business-Builder Gets a Running Start With GlucAffect

After just one month as a Relìv Distributor, Director Jen Zehner of Salem, Oregon, has discovered firsthand that the way to jump-start a new business is by sharing the opportunity with everyone. She’s leading with the business, using Relìv’s newest product, GlucAffect™, as an entry point. Aware that her grandmother, Marilyn, had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, Jen invited Marilyn — along with her father and sister — to a Relìv Special Event.

“They all started on the products, and my grandmother became a Master Affiliate that same day,” Jen states. 

At the top of Marilyn’s list of people to contact about Relìv was her neighbor, Nora, who suffered from neuropathy in her legs and feet, and had already lost a toe as a result of diabetes. 

“I set an appointment with Nora, including my upline, so that she could hear the whole Relìv story,” Jen recalls. “And while Nora wasn’t sure about the business at first, she did start on the product right away — and she referred me to her friend, Judy, whom she knew was looking for a business opportunity. 

“GlucAffect is so powerful,” Jen adds. “Its results can be proven so quickly that you can literally build a business around it. And with more people than ever in need of this product, I’m really excited about my future with Relìv!”


 A Great Life With Relìv

Jeff and Becky Bauman of Drayton, Ontario, Canada, thank Relìv for helping them enjoy their professional and family lives to the fullest.

Before Relìv, Jeff, a fifteen-year professional in the demanding construction business, was looking for a way to increase his productivity.

“I suffered from after-lunch slumps where my energy level was really low,” he recalls. “Also, my aching muscles and the stress of a whole week’s work gave me headaches on some weekends.”

Becky shared similar concerns. “I was always exhausted, and found it difficult to rise from bed every morning,” she says. “Even when I slept extra hours, I still needed long afternoon naps.” Fatigue, aggravated by a chronic hearing difficulty, forced Becky to battle depression and emotional turmoil.
With Relìv, Jeff happily reports he’s having productive days at multiple job sites without energy lapses. He has also bid farewell to weekend headaches! For her part, Becky enjoys newfound restful sleep, and more energy to enjoy her family.

“We have so much fun with Relìv,” Becky says, “and we’ll continue sharing our great experience with everyone!”




Lorena Dickie of Las Vegas, Nevada, spent three years of her life struggling with migraines and depression. Nothing and nobody mattered because depression darkened everything. “I didn’t want to come out of my room, I didn’t want to wake up. Life was slipping away.”

When her doctor talked about a treatment that required detoxification, she did it at home. “It was a seven-week process. It was my worst moment,” she says. 

It was then that she found out about Relìv, and with it, the possibility to live life another way. “By the third day, my headaches were vastly improved,” Lorena says. “It was so incredible that one night, I felt compelled to get up at three o’clock in the morning with (my husband) Gordon to make a list.”

Lorena wrote down the names of family and friends with whom she wanted to share Relìv. “I felt it was my duty to share Relìv with the people I love.”

By the third week, Lorena felt wonderful and returned to the healthy habits she loves. “We try to eat organically and we exercise,” she explains.

Now Lorena combines her work as a Realtor with her mission to share Relìv. “I can’t explain my desire to live — I’ve learned to appreciate every little detail,” she says. “My life is like any other, but it’s one I love now. I take care of my kids. I have dinner ready for my husband. I try to provide him with peace — a little heaven — when he comes through my door.”


 Jerryl Birchmeier

Jerryl Birchmeier, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, thought she was tired because she was the mother of three little boys — Zachary, Seth and Kyle. But the real problem was irregular blood sugar levels. 

“I had a hard time keeping up with life in general,” Jerryl recalls. “I didn’t even feel like taking the kids to the park most of the time. It just felt like too much. I felt so guilty because that wasn’t the kind of mom I wanted to be.” 

A specialized diet and medication did little to control her blood sugar levels, and she still felt exhausted. Jerryl, a registered nurse, ran into a colleague at a nursing conference, and he told her about Relìv. She agreed to start her family on the products. 

Within the first month, she had a better sense of well-being. A month and a half later, her blood sugars started to regulate. 

“I just felt like doing more. I wanted to go places again,” she says. 

Jerryl was also surprised to discover she could tolerate dairy products again after being lactose intolerant for years. One son has had great results with food allergies, and her husband Mike’s joint discomfort is less bothersome. 

“With Relìv, we’re starting to see more solutions instead of just problems,” she says. “I’ve got my smile back.”


The Fog Lifts 

Roxanna Vess of Fletcher, North Carolina, started taking Relìv products six years ago, hoping for some relief from menopause symptoms. After three weeks, she experienced remarkable results, so naturally, she stayed consistent with the products. But the best was yet to come.

As a child, Roxanna was hospitalized with a severe brain infection. As a result, she struggled her entire life with linear, logical thinking. “I just couldn’t do it,” she says. “Making decisions was very difficult. I could not sort through the information to find a starting place. By the time I was introduced to Relìv, I had also developed significant memory and word-finding problems. I believed I was just plain stupid.”

After six months on the Relìv shakes, her memory and word retrieval ability were dramatically improved. “It become easier to make decisions,” Roxanna says. “And after 11 months, my brain was functioning better than it has in 45 years! I never imagined how wonderful life could be, and I feel so much better about myself. I now know that I am a highly intelligent woman. I will forever be grateful to my friend who cared enough to introduce me to Relìv.”


 Family Flourishes With Relìv

Kim McGough of Algonquin, Illinois, suffered from acid reflux that was so severe she was happy at first just to be able to take the Relìv products. 

“I was born without a flap between my stomach and esophagus, making it impossible to keep down a single vitamin pill,” Kim explains. “After a couple weeks of taking Relìv, I was able to eat and drink things I never could before. And I had so much energy, people actually noticed!” 
Kim eventually increased her product intake and noticed even more results. “I stopped having panic attacks and crying jags,” Kim says. “And when my seasonal allergies didn’t show up that first year, that’s when I put my sons on Relìv.

“We started seeing amazing results — particularly with my oldest son, Ryan,” she recalls. “After three weeks of taking the products, his teacher called to tell me that he was more focused in school. While he used to be two years behind in reading, he now reads at grade level. He even made the honor roll this year!”

Both of Kim’s children haven’t had the flu in three years, and they recover more quickly after playing sports. “These products have had an amazing impact on my family’s quality of life,” she notes. “For us, Relìv is forever!”


Reliving the Good Life

Six-Star Directors Suzanne and Earl Anderson of Bloomington, Illinois, have overcome a great deal with Relìv and have seen their lives change dramatically for the better. “I had suffered with frequent and severe headaches all my life,” Suzanne says. “I was using strong pain medications and experimenting with bio-feedback and nutritional treatment, but everything just seemed to exacerbate the problem. I’ve also had serious joint pain for 10 or 15 years.”

Earl was fighting his own health issues, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar and a developing prostate problem. 

“Our daughter introduced us to the Relìv products four years ago,” Suzanne says. “I noticed steady improvement and over six months my joints significantly improved. It took a while longer, but in time, I no longer suffered those debilitating headaches. And Earl astounded his doctors — he was now maintaining healthy numbers.

“Simple things, like getting in and out of our van, used to be a painful chore for me,” Suzanne remembers. “Now I am so much stronger and we both have much more energy. We can enjoy going for walks, and traveling and our days are longer and more productive, thanks to Relìv.”


 New Hope for Conquering Lifelong Weight Battle

Long before GlucAffect™ came about, Master Director Vicki Leslie of Fort Worth, Texas, had already achieved amazing results with Relìv.

“My husband is always saying that I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Relìv,” Vicki notes. “Before Relìv, I was spending my days in bed, overwhelmed by the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.” 

Still, when it came to her weight, Vicki continued to struggle. “I have many of the traits that are characteristic of metabolic syndrome — my waistline is over 34 inches, and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are on the higher side,” Vicki states. “So I was really excited when Relìv introduced GlucAffect to the market in mid-November.

“I started on the product immediately and, after just one week, I lost five pounds!” she continues. “I since have lost a total of 17 pounds, and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are lowering for the first time in years.

“Relìv has made a huge difference in my quality of life over the past seven years,” Vicki adds. “And now that we have Glucaffect, I’m looking forward to the day when my weight is within the normal range, and I look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside!”


 Couple Sheds Pounds Together With Slimplicity

Vicki Mercado, of Dodge City, Kansas, used to avoid cameras because she didn’t feel good about the way she looked. “I’d just given up,” Vicki says. “I’d started telling myself that I was just going to have to accept myself fat.” 

Vicki and her husband, Johnny, had tried dieting many times, but just couldn’t get the weight off. They had also tried other weight-loss products, but didn’t like the side effects —  especially feeling jittery. They weren’t comfortable with the potential heart risks, either. But when they heard about Relìv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System, they knew they had to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

“As Distributors, we knew we could trust a weight-loss product made by Relìv,” Vicki says. Since the couple began the program in February 2007, Vicki has lost 57 pounds and Johnny has shed 47. Both would like to lose more, and believe their new lifestyle makes it possible.

They’re eating healthier now — something they truly enjoy. And they’re using the Slimplicity system to keep their metabolisms humming without those jittery side effects.
“Shopping is wonderful,” says Vicki, who used to wear size 20. “Now I have some size 10s that are getting baggy! I finally feel feminine for the first time in my life.”


Very Moving Testimony 

 So many of you have prayed for my health Some of you have never been told my whole story. I didn’t even tell my Mom because it would have worsened her peace of mind. But now I have a purpose in sharing the details. Summed up in one word, HOPE. God is good. Here is my story:

The day I was born I contracted Candida from my Mom’s birth canal. The doctors tried and tried to cure it and they finally succeeded in clearing up the OUTSIDE symptoms of Thrush, a Rash all over my body, and Yeast infection in my diaper area. But INSIDE ME the Candida was alive and continued to deteriorate my health. At 4 years old I had major surgery to remove Tumors from my bowels because I was bleeding. By the time I was 13 years old, I had almost died of Salmonella at 6 years old, Acute Strep infection at 10 years old, Giardia (a parasite infection) 3 times during my 11th and 12th years which finally had to be poisoned to kill it, and Acute Pyelonephritis (the worst Kidney Infection you can get) at 13 years old.

I have since learned that lab mice exhibit very high resistance when inoculated with a single pathogen alone, but when a disease pathogen, i.e. Staph, is combined simultaneously with Candida, there is a 100% mortality rate. This explains why I have little to no resistance and have contracted illnesses which have been near fatal to me.\

I have had lifelong Neck and Back Pain, Acute Pyelonephritis 2 more times, chronic Urinary Tract InfectionsEndometriosis (including 3 surgeries and drug induced menopause),Irritable Bowel SyndromeFibromyalgia, a Non-Specific Autoimmune disease (causing the death of 4 of my babies), Kidney and Bladder Dysfunction, Lupus (8 times over the blood titer), I have 6 Cysts on my left ovary and several on my right, HypothyroidismDiverticulitis (pain morning and night and my bowels had shut down), Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Chronic Systemic Candida which invaded my heart, lungs, ears – my entire body. I have tried Western Medicinal therapies, Eastern Medicinal therapies, being a Vegan, and every single product that I could find that I thought might help, supplements, bowel, kidney and liver cleanses, the Candida Diet and Cleanse, Herbs, Homeopathy, juicing, etc. All these years I have suffered with my illnesses without significant improvement in the quality of my life let alone health.

Some of the resulting health issues and symptoms I’ve experienced are Chronic Fatigue, Crippling Body Aches and Joint Pain, Mental Fog with Memory Loss and Concentration Problems, Heart Problems (pounding, skipping, and irregular beats), Infertility, Muscle Weakness, Lack of Coordination,  Severe and Debilitating Menstrual Cramps and PMS, Itching in my Ears, Hearing Loss, Chronic Nasal Drainage, Dry Itchy Eyes, Poor Circulation and Sensivity to Cold, Night Sweats, Dry Skin, Constipation, Diarrhea, and Painful Bowel Movements. My body felt like Jello held together by skin. It hurt to be hugged. I was losing the battle. I was nearly out of options and almost to the point of tucking myself in bed and waiting for the end.

I began taking the products on April 1, 08. At first I felt like I had the flu. Then I began aching all over my body. I was detoxing and retracing my injuries and diseases. When I didn’t think it could get any worse, it didn’t and I began turning the corner. So far I am having 2-3 healthy bowel movements a day. My Diverticulitis pain has subsided 90-95%. The Candida is taking a back seat (at least 3-4 back to be precise) and the itching in my ears is almost completely subsided. My Kidneys and Bladder are WORKING! My heart and lungs are functioning well without all the irregularities. My Skin is SOFT (Yah!) for the first time in my life (they are usually like alligator hide and often split and bleed). I’m sleeping like a brick. My Pain level has decreased significantly. I’m getting my Brain back. And, my strength and energy are increasing everyday. I have hope and excitement for even more improvement and I’m helping others get the same results! Whew! God is good!

Blessings, Danielle





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